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Knowing all about husky pomeranian mix

Of the hundreds of different breeds of dog that you can choose to have as a pet, one that you may not have considered but definitely should is the Pomeranian Husky mix. So what is a husky pomeranian mix, exactly? The Pomeranian Husky mixed breeds are great because they offer the appeal of a Pomeranian Husky but also the uniqueness and positive qualities of the other breed as well.

Common Pomeranian Husky Mixed Breeds

Hyper and rowdy

Just make sure that you are aware that although there are many poHuskysitive characteristics of Pomeranian Huskies and Pomeranian Husky mixed breeds, at the same time there are also many things that they bring that you may not need to deal with.

They tend to be very hyper and rowdy for instance, and this can be hard for a lot of people to put up with. They also have strong senses to grab and chase anything that runs and so you will have to make sure that you have them properly trained before trying to get them to socialize.

Strong willed

They tend to be quite strong willed and have their mind, so unless you train them fully and correctly, then you may have difficulties getting them to listen. As long as you consider both the good and bad here, then you should have no problems and will be acutely aware of what you are getting yourself into by choosing this breed of dog.


Regarding temperament, know that these dogs looks gentle and playful but at the same time they can be very willful and mischievous. They have energy even when they are grown fully, and although they well behave around children, this is all going to depend on how you raise them and how they react to socializing too.

They like to howl and produce a lot of noise, but this may be deterred as well if you need, and they are too good, as long as they are brought up with them starting from puppyhood.

white HuskyIf you have decided that you are in fact interested in getting a Pomeranian Husky mix, then the first step is going to be for you to check around at your local pet shops. You may not find all that great of a selection here, but if you go to specialty pet shops, they will have a lot more to offer.

Pomeranian mixed breeds of any sort are often difficult to find so that it may take a bit of time, but if one check at a few various stores and particularly specialty pet shops, then you should be able to find a Pomeranian mixed breed dog for sale.
If you do get a grown Pomeranian Husky mixed dog, then just make sure you get a professional dog trainer to help you, especially if they have been raised improperly and learned bad behavior skills.