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putting off fire in a car

How to Choose the Right Fire Extinguisher

Many vehicle owners do not take seriousness when buying an extinguisher for their vehicles. For them, they consider it as a way to pass inspection requirements. Unfortunately, you can never tell when it is required. Remember that your car has a lot of flammable fluids and electric systems that can easily start a fire. Therefore, there is a need to choose the right element fire extinguisher for your vehicle.

Classes of Fire

car fire extinguisherWhen choosing a fire extinguisher, you ought to ensure it can handle all types of vehicles. Therefore, you should get a fire extinguisher rated ABC. This will ensure it can put off fires caused by solids, fluids, and electric systems. You should note that dry powder extinguishers are suited for all forms of fire, and they are the ones recommended for the vehicle. Moreover, they are readily available.


There is a need to choose the right size of the extinguisher that suits the size of your car. A 3-pound extinguisher is recommended because it is portable and easy to handle. Moreover, it is quite affordable and readily available. Going for smaller extinguishers may not be perfect for a large vehicle. Small fire extinguishers can be used in all vehicles, no matter their size.

Where to Keep It

car on fireMaybe you are planning to keep the fire extinguisher in the trunk of the vehicle. However, it is advisable to put it in a place where you can access it easily. For instance, you can place it under the seat. Remember that your extinguisher must be set up well to avoid unnecessary discharge. Nowadays, you can find an extinguisher with a mounting bracket that allows for secure and simple fixing.

It is vital to ensure you have a fire extinguisher in your vehicle at all times. That is because you cannot tell when you require it. You should note that extinguishers for cars are quite similar to regular ones. However, the only issue is that they are compact and do not take much space.

Remember that vehicles are not the only place you should have a fire extinguisher. For instance, you need to have one in the camper, caravan, truck, and van. When extinguishing the fire, you should avoid opening the bonnet as more air can get it and result in an explosion. Rather, just spray the fire at the source.…