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Roof Rats in the Attic: What to Know and How to Deal with Them

If you’are suspecting a rat infesSigns of Roof Rats Infestation

tation in your attic, you’re probably facing an unusual rat breed commonly known as roof rats. Roof rats, also known as Attic or citrus rats, are one of the most common household pest menaces in the US. They are referred to as Roof Rats because they are natural climbers and prefer to live in the attics or build nests in trees.

Roof rats enter homes by jumping onto the rooftops from nearby tree branches or utility lines. They can also enter the roof by climbing vines near your home or rough climbing surfaces such as concrete blocks and bricks. Once on the rooftop, they gain access to the attic if there are open areas along the walls, pipes, or attic vents that are large enough to squeeze through. Once inside the attic, roof rats build their nests and start breeding.

The problem with roof rats is they can move into your home undetected, especially because the attic is usually insulated and therefore blocks any sounds of movement. The fact that a homeowner can’t easily detect their existence allows them to breed and can easily become overpopulated within a short period of time.

A single female roof rat can produce approximately 40 offsprings a year, and those offsprings can produce their babies in about four months. In addition to transforming your attic into a shelter hosting hundreds of rats, roof rats can cause extensive damage to your home.

Signs of Roof Rats Infestation

Because they are nocturnal and look for food during the night, it’s not easy to come across roof rats. However, there are obvious signs of roof rats infestations. Some of these signs include:

  • Roof rat droppings (this is the most obvious sign of infestation)
  • Gnawing marks along your home’s eaves or roof
  • Scratching or gnawing noises in the walls or attics
  • Gnawing damage to the electrical wires in your home
  • Bites on fruits if you have fruit trees near close by
  • Nests in your attic insulation

These signs can help you easily analyze the extent of the infestation.

Property Damage Caused by Roof Rats in the Attic

One of the biggest problems faced by homeowners with an infestation of roof rats in attics is the extensive damage they cause to property. With roof rats in attics – damages can add up very quickly. Once they gain access to your roof, these troubling pests chew on the casings of ducts, electric wires, and pipes. They also tear up the insulating material on the wall to build their nests.

Roof rats are not just confined in the attic. They also slide down and gain access to the kitchen where they eat and contaminate food. They will chew through water pipes to get to the water.

Besides causing extensive damage to your attic, roof rats can spread a hoard of infectious diseases when they contaminate food or water. Common diseases spread by roof rats include plague, rat-bite fever, salmonellosis, typhus, and leptospirosis. You should consider having your home inspected to avoid further damage and health dangers.

Prevention and Removal of Roof Rats

Getting rid of roof rats in the attic can be an overwhelming task due to limited accessibility of the attic. They tend to hide in the most inconspicuous places, …


How to find a good contractor

If you feel that your home is starting to look old, there are ways in which you can make it look new again. You can start with the outside by adding siding or painting it with a new color. That will help the outside of your home. Now, onto the inside; maybe putting in a new floor, like hard wood flooring. That will make the home look bigger and a lot newer. You can add newer windows and maybe even an add-on for extra room. When it comes to the kitchen, you can add new cabinets and counter tops.

The next step is to find a good company that you can buy all the supplies from and see if they will also do the contracting.

We will go over a few things that you should look at before choosing a contractor to do the work for you.


using laptopMost people will tell you that this is the most important part of choosing a company to do the work. When it comes to finding a contractor, you can always go to their website and see what their what type of service they can offer you. This is where you can see if you can purchase the supplies that you need also. Just go onto their reviews and see what others had said about their service. Look and see how long they have been in business.


This can be good, but it also can be expensive. If you live in a small town and you don’t have a lot of option and have to go with a local company, it will cost you more, but you will get the best service, because the company that is doing the work for you is most likely your friend.

If you go with a company that has a chain, it will save you money, but you may not get the best quality as if you did it with a smaller company.


woman on callWhen you start to narrow down the list of companies, you should start having them come out and give you a set price to complete the whole job. Make sure that they will have the work done in the time frame they say they can do it in. Ask them if they will give you some type of guarantee on the service and the work that they will be doing. If you or a friend needs some work done on your home check cabinets phoenix and see what they can do for you.…


4 Essential Tips For Selecting A Competent Property Management Service Provider

Whether you are contemplating on moving out of your present abode or you have bought an investment property, the time might come when you require the help of property management services for your house. These types of services will offer you assistance in finding and maintaining tenants. You will be guaranteed that the property manager will take care of all the requirements of your property.

In the following paragraphs, we will present you an ultimate guide to vetting a property management service provider. You can also take a look at T-Square Properties if you want to be sure that you will have only the best manager for your property.

1. Consult with existing landlords

coversationIt is always a smart idea to consult with at least a couple of existing landlords of the PMC. Although they might not inform you everything regarding the company, you might be able to understand the efficiency of the company to satisfy the requirements of the property owners. The civil register of the original Superior Court will be one more reliable source of information. Typically, you will be able to ascertain the number of times the company was sued by either tenant or landlords or even third party service providers by simply conducting a name search.

Besides this, remember to check Internet services, for example, Yelp and also the Better Business Bureau to figure out what exactly the other individuals are saying regarding the company. Find out the occupancy rate on the units managed by it. This occupancy rate should be more than 95%. Besides this, also ensure that the company is equipped with a business license and is properly insured.

2. Consider reputation

While selecting a property management Service provider for representing your rental, you must select an agency which has got a good reputation in your locality. Any property management company in your area with years of experience will comprehend the qualities of the rental market. You can be guaranteed that your property is going to be properly represented after working with a reliable and trustworthy property manager.

3. Inquire regarding tenant relations

While selecting a property management company, it is important to consider the connection which your agent is going to have with the tenants. A competent property management company is going to have a courteous and professional connection with almost all your tenants. Besides this, you must also find out a property manager who values client service.

4. Set up a personal meeting

personal meetingWhile screening potential management companies, you might wish to schedule a personal meeting with any agent. You can ask your queries regarding the terms and conditions of the contract after meeting the property management professional personally. During the meeting, you will also understand whether the manager will be ideal for your property.

With all these above-mentioned guidelines in mind, you will be in a position to begin renting out your property without any delay.…