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How to Know the Best DHI Clinic in Sydney

With direct hair transplant or DHI, we may say goodbye to our balding scalp forever. Gone are the days when you have don’t like to remove your cap even when the occasion calls for or when you fear that strong winds will blow your wig away.  Indeed, DHI is the most reliable solution for hair loss that guarantees the growth of natural hair over the bald areas of your head.

When choosing where to undergo your hair implant procedure, you have to do your research. It is a delicate procedure and can be pricey too. In this case, you don’t want to compromise your safety by making a mistake of choosing a so-so clinic. You also may not want to lose your money with the failure to achieve your desired result.

Here are some of the reasons to choose a direct hair implant clinic over the others.

Procedure Is Carried Out by Specialists

SpecialistsSearch for a clinic that considers DHI as a medical procedure that should be performed only by certified doctors. You should never consider undergoing DHI in some clinics where cosmetologists do the procedure. There are also some clinics that robots are in charge. When direct hair implantation is done by a medical surgeon, you can be assured that it is done by an expert. This means that there is little chance that the procedure will be a failure. And think about this., Will a robot hear you if you say, “Ouch!”

Guarantees a No Pain, No Scar Procedure

Let’s face it. Most of us are afraid of the needle. Even if a doctor assures us that a procedure is painless, our fears may not be allayed. The best thing that you can do about this is to ask past clients’ experiences. If they affirm that there was really no pain, then you should be relieved of your worries. Why there is no pain, no wounds, and no scars are indicative of the doctor’s expertise and patient care.

Online Assessment

A DHI clinic that provides online assessment makes it more convenient for customers, especially if you are not near the clinic. After the assessment, face-to-face consultation with your attending surgeon should also be carried out. These procedures are undertaken to ensure that you are fit to undergo the procedure. An ideal DHI clinic does not go for short cuts that may compromise the safety of its clients.

SpecialistsPost-Operation Services

Even after the procedure is done, an ideal DHI clinic will not bid you goodbye to you immediately. They will still monitor the progress of your hair growth, which may take up to four months. This will ensure the success of the procedure.…