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What to Know About Cannabis Dispensaries

Indeed, with the many therapeutic benefits that can be derived from cannabis, any patient should not be deprived of acquiring cannabis products that can treat his medical conditions, alleviate symptoms, and achieve other health goals.

Cannabis dispensaries have been popping up in Canada and some parts of the United States recently, and this has been beneficial for users. Before buying your supply of weeds from any dispensary, you should first know the following facts.

marijuanaMedical or Recreational Dispensary

Recreational dispensaries are now legal in Canada, although their operation is still being strictly monitored by provincial governments. So if you are buying weed for recreational purposes only, you buy it from these dispensaries because you will not be entertained in a medical dispensary without documents. Medical dispensaries are only for individuals with medical conditions.

Documents Needed

When buying cannabis products from medical or recreational cannabis dispensaries, you need to present an identification card to show you are at the legal age of 18. In some provinces, they are trying to amend their laws to raise the age to 21.

Medical dispensaries require all customers to present their medical recommendations before they can shop cannabis products from the dispensary. A medical marijuana recommendation is a legal document signed by a medical marijuana doctor that shows that the specified person has a medical condition. Only those who are 18 years old and above can be issued medical recommendations. This legal document is not required by recreational cannabis dispensaries.

Cannabis Dispensaries Are Heavily Secured

Do not be shocked when you see heavy security in cannabis dispensaries. With people expected to carry big amounts of money, security in dispensaries is necessary, just like they are needed in banks. And with the increasing prices of cannabis products, some users may be tempted to acquire weeds through stealing. The intense security measures in a dispensary are aimed to protect your money, employees, and the products from offenders.

Weeds Are Less Expensive in Medical Dispensaries

I saved a lot of money paying a single price for a variety pack of all my favourite cannabis products from this dispensaryMedical Dispensaries. Indeed, medical cannabis dispensaries can able to keep their low prices because they are exempted from paying some taxes. This is because it is expected that cannabis products from these dispensaries are strictly used by patients suffering from different forms of ailments.

Buying cannabis products from recreational dispensaries are usually priced higher than those that can be purchased from a medical dispensary. This is because of the high taxes imposed on recreational products.…