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a wooden chicken coop kit

How to Choose a Chicken Coop Kit

It’s an important task for you to create a good chicken coop kit for your chicken. For your chicken to remain healthy, you should create a perfect surrounding for them that allows them to move around freely without being trapped in. A healthy happy hen will provide you with more quality eggs than an unhealthy hen.

In this article, you will find some of the points to check on when selecting a perfect chicken coop kit for your needs.If you research, you will find that chicken coops have different sizes and shapes, and the one that is good for your chicken will depend on various factors .


a movable chicken coop kitChicken can easily adapt to various climate changes. They need to be well sheltered during harsh weather seasons. You will find that chicken coops created from wood are always waterproof, they can prevent the interior from getting wet by using some sort of pain that keeps off the water.


Just like the way we all need proper ventilation, chickens, too, require fresh air for them to remain healthy, so adequate ventilation and circulation of air within your chicken coop kit are crucial. The ventilation will get rid of the strong smell produced by the chicken droppings, and it will even stop condensation within the chicken coop kit. Besides, a vented chimney is quite an easy yet efficient way to do this.


It’s also essential for you to have a chicken coop kit that you can easily access for it will make your life a lot easier when cleaning. Choosing a coop that has a sloped floor is of great benefit since the water will flow out easily on to its own accord just like ones with large doors. You will find coops that have removable dropping boards that assist in making cleaning enjoyable.


chicken outside the coop kitSize is an essential factor you should consider when choosing a chicken coop kit since you want to make sure your chickens have adequate space to move around freely.

Mostly, it’s advised to make sure that each hen has at least four square feet of space inside the coop. Also if in future you would like to add more chickens, it would be wise if you buy a bigger coop kit now.

Overcrowding the chicken coop will give you a hard time when cleaning. Make sure the roosting perches are about four to five centimeters, and the chicken have a height of at least three feet clearance where they can jump around the way they want.…