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Uses and Benefits of an Industrial Chiller Equipment

An industrial chiller is simply a cooling system that removes heat from a process load and transfers this heat to the environment via vapor-compression or through absorption refrigeration cycle. The function of an industrial process chiller is to transfer heat from operations area through the air, water or any other recommended medium and deposit the heat to another location.

Uses of an Industrial Chiller

chilling systemThe cooling technology has been adopted by a myriad of industries to cool down their machinery processes and achieve efficient and production processes. Below, we delve into some common applications of an industrial chiller:

  • Anodizing – This a process that generates a lot of heat; therefore, cooling is paramount especially in a hard coating process. In anodizing, chillers remove process heat via water or air cooled chiller.
  • Plastic Industries – in the plastic industry, industrial chillers are used to cool the hot plastics that are being manufactured. Moreover, a chilling system is used to cool down the machinery used to manufacture the plastic products. This saves on energy, not to mention it prolongs the machine life by preventing wear and tear of the machine itself.
  • Printing Industry – having an industrial chiller in a printing industry could do a lot of good. A chiller not only eradicates the heat generated as a result of friction by the plastic rollers but also, cools down the printed paper after it comes out of the ink drying machine.
  • Rubber Industry – industrial chillers have a variety of uses in the rubber industry. These include controlling units of the rubber extruded barrel, cooling the multizone water temperatures, not to mention, cooling the Banbury rubber mixtures and the rubber mills as well.
  • Laser and Cutting Industry – an industrial chiller is used to cool down the overheated power supplies as well as cool down the lasers. This also applies to the light projection industry.
  • Beverage Industry – during the beverage making process, a lot of heat is generated during cooking, mixing, or after the pasteurizing process. Industrial chillers help to get rid of this heat gain.

Benefits of Industrial Chillers

Chillers are created to lower existing temperatures of various production processes, components, and machines. Industrial water chiller equipment is used to cool water levels to the required levels to ensure the comfort and convenience of employees at work are achieved. By the same token, water chillers are used to avoid incidents of overheating in the data service center.

ChillersIndustrial chillers are used life cycle costs as well support a company’s future needs through energy saving for a data center project. They reduce operating and maintenance issues by providing adequate cooling during winter and summer seasons.

By using industrial chillers, a company is in a better position of saving water and related cost thanks to the modern chillers where water is constantly reused and re-circulated hence, by-passing the need for sewage services.


Industrial chillers are often most institutional establishments and industrial companies cooling equipment of choice. Adopting chilling technology to ensure sufficient cooling in any industry is paramount to ensuring maximum productivity and cost savings.…