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Choosing The Right Student Accommodation in University

University will be a very exciting part of your life. Some say that the time you spend in university is the time that will be remembered forever. However, if your campus is far away from home, too far that you can’t commute, you’ll have to end up in a student accommodation. This means in addition to your tuition fee, you also need to spend some money to pay for your accommodation rent.

There are many types of student accommodation that varies in price and comfort. Some students like to try different types of student accommodation each year just too have different experiences, which is made easy by the student self storage moving service. If you’re confused on which type of student accommodation is the right one, we’re here to break it down for you.

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University Dormitories

Most universities have their own accommodation, sometimes called halls of residence or dormitories. They will offer you this accommodation the moment you are accepted to the university. It is a good option for first-year students as there are usually social events that you can attend to meet other students. You may not be able to have your own private bathroom, but most dormitories has other perks such as a cafeteria, a mini market, ATM center, and security. Some dormitories even has a gym and an entertainment lounge.

Price-wise, a student dormitory usually has different rates for different types of rooms. The cheapest would be the twin bedroom where you’d have to share with a roommate. If you prefer to be alone, there’s usually a single bedroom which costs a little more, and some dormitories has a single deluxe bedroom which has its own bathroom. However, some university dormitories have rules, such as no smoking in the building, no loud noises after 10, and even curfews.

Private Halls of Residence

These halls of residence are not owned by the university, but is built like a student dormitory. They are usually a little more luxurious, with every single bedroom having its own bathroom, and bigger rooms with double bed and sometimes an indoor kitchen. There’s rarely a canteen in these private halls of residence, but there’s usually a shared kitchen. It is more expensive than student dormitories, but you have the freedom of not having to abide to any rules.

We’d recommend this type of student accommodation to students who are more private and are planning to stay in the campus area even after they graduate. University dormitories usually ‘kicks out’ students after they graduate, so if you’re planning to have an internship after you graduate or even a job in the area and doesn’t want the hassle of moving out, this is the type of accommodation for you.

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Private Apartments/Lofts/Housing

Renting a private apartment, loft, or housing is probably the most expensive type of student accommodation out there. That is, if you are planning to rent it alone. You can probably get a studio apartment the same price as a private halls of residence room, but it won’t be too high in quality. Usually, you’d have to buy some of the furniture in the apartment yourself.

However, if you have friends that you want to share an apartment, a loft, or housing with, the price of rent could be less than if you were to …