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Five Tips For Buying Packaging Machines

A product’s packaging is just as important as the product itself. At the point of sale, the customer will use the product’s packaging to determine whether buying the product is worth it. What this means is that you need to invest in buying a packaging machine that will help you achieve your goal: packaging that will make your customer choose your product over your competitors’.

Tips for buying packaging machines

1. Budget

coinsA packaging machine is a long-term investment. Going for high quality, advanced equipment is advisable. However, if you are a small company and cannot afford an expensive machine, look for packaging equipment with prices within your budget. You may also want to go for used ones. You, however, need to be careful to only go for machines that are in good working condition. As a general rule of thumb, do not buy equipment that is over ten years old.

2. Company

Choose a company that is experienced in selling packaging machines. Better still, buy from one that specializes in selling packaging equipment. A reputable company should be able to help you in choosing the packaging machine that best suits your needs. They should be clear about their pricing, including shipping costs if you are making the purchase online. Take time to read or watch testimonials and reviews about the company and the packaging machine itself whether you are buying the machine online or from a store.

3. Type

Different packaging machines work differently. You need to choose the type of machine that will work best with the product that you want to package. If you package foods that you need to preserve for a long time, go for a vacuum packaging machine. Liquid packaging equipment will be ideal if you are packaging liquids. After packaging individual products, you may need to do a little more packaging, for example in boxes that hold many products. You may want to buy erector machinery, for instance, box erector equipment.

Another aspect that you need to put into place with regards to the type of packaging equipment is the material used in the construction. You may want to go for materials that do not corrode, for example, stainless steel.

4. Size

boxesChoose a machine that will fit in your production space while leaving enough space for your staff to operate. The packaging machinery should not compromise your staff’s safety. Go for a machine with a compact footprint. If you have other equipment in your production area, it will fit well and leave ample space for operation.

You also need to choose equipment that is easy to use. This way, you need not invest in training in order to understand how the equipment works.

5. After sales support

It is not unusual for machinery to break down after several years of usage. You may want to buy from a company that offers good after sales support, for instance, repair services. A reputable company may have technicians and even parts that they can use to repair your packaging machine, in the case of a breakdown or other issues, depending on their warranty.

Your product’s packaging is what will sell it, even before your customer has any experience with the product itself. Investing in a good quality packaging machine is important. The above tips will help you make an informed decision.