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Henrietta Saunders Sebright
m. 2nd Earl Harewood
Henry Lascelles
3rd Earl Harewood
m. Lady Louisa Thynne
Henry Thynne Lascelles
4th Earl Harewood
m. Lady Elizabeth Joanna de Burgh
Henry Ulrick Lascelles
5th Earl Harewood
Lady Florence Katharine Bridgeman
Henry George Charles Lascelles
6th Earl Harewood
m. Mary, Princess Royal
George Henry Hubert Lascelles
7th Earl Harewood  current
m. (1) Maria Stein
m. (2) Patricia Tuckwell
. .
Margaret Selina Lascelles
m. 9th Viscount Boyne
Gustavus Lascelles Hamilton-Russell
m. Joan Verena Verney
duplicate #1 (from below)
Gustavus Michael G Hamilton-Russell
10th Viscount Boyne
m. Rosemary Anne Stucley
duplicate #2 (from below)
Gustavus Michael Stucley Hamilton-Russell
11th Viscount Boyne  
m. Lucy Potter
Rosemary Kath.  Hamilton-Russell
m. 22nd Baron Forbes
. .
Frederick Canning Lascelles
m. Frederica Maria Liddell
Blanche Isabella Lascelles
m. 1st Baron Lloyd
Alexander David Frederick Lloyd
2nd Baron Lloyd
m. Victoria Jean M M Ogilvy
. .
Alan Frederick (Tommy) Lascelles
m. Joan Frances Vere Thesiger
Caroline Mary Lascelles
m. 2nd Viscount Chandos
Thomas Orlando Lyttelton
3rd Viscount Chandos  
m. Arabella Sarah Lucy Bailey
Gerald William Lascelles
m. Constance Augusta M F Philipson
Cynthia Rachael Lascelles
m. 4th Baron Poltimore
no surviving son
Sheila Margaret Warwick Bampfylde
m. 5th Baronet Stucley
Rosemary Anne Stucley
m. Gustavus Michael George Hamilton-Russell
10th Viscount Boyne
duplicate #2 (see above)
Constance Mary Lascelles
m. 3rd Baron Wenlock
no male children
. . . .
Margaret Joan Lascelles
m. 5th Earl of Desart
no male children
Joan Elizabeth Mary Cuffe
m. Harry Lloyd Verney
Joan Verena Verney
m. Gustavus Lascelles Hamilton-Russell
duplicate #1 (see above)
. .
Egremont William Lascelles
m. Jessie Malcolm
Marion Lascelles
m. Henry Dent Brocklehurst
Marjorie Dent Brocklehurst
m. Viscount Quenington
Delia Mary Hicks-Beach
3rd Baronet Dillwyn-Venables-Llewelyn
John Michael Dillwyn-Venables-Llewelyn
4th Baronet Dillwyn-Venables-Llewelyn
no male heir
Michael John Hicks-Beach
2nd Earl St. Aldwyn
m. Diana Mary C Smyly Mills
duplicate #3 (from below)
Michael Henry Hicks-Beach
3rd Earl St. Aldwyn  
m. Gilda Maria Saacedra
George Edwin Lascelles
m. Louisa Nina Murray
Alfred George Lascelles
m. Isabel Carteret Thynne
Ursula Lascelles
m. Alan George Ross Ormiston
Lavinia Anne Ross Ormiston
m. 3rd Baron Rathcreedan
no male children
. .
Louisa Isabella Lascelles
m. 1st Baron Hillingdon
Algernon Henry Mills
m. Mary Frances Seymour Dawson-Damer
Henry Christian George Mills
m. Hilma Ruth Ohman
Diana Mary C Smyly Mills
Michael John Hicks-Beach
2nd Earl St. Aldwyn
duplicate #3 (see above)
. .
Charles William Mills
2nd Baron Hillingdon
m. Alison Marion Harbord
Arthur Robert Mills
3rd Baron Hillingdon
m. Edith Mary Winifred Cadogan
Charles Hedworth Mills
4th Baron Hillingdon
m. Sarah Gray Stuart
no male heir
. .
Susan Charlotte Lascelles
m. 1st Earl of Wharncliffe
no surviving children
. . . . .
Blanche Emma Lascelles
m. 5th Earl of Shannon
Richard Henry Boyle
6th Earl of Shannon
m. Nellie Thompson
Richard Bernard Boyle
7th Earl of Shannon
never married
. . .
Robert Henry Boyle
8th Earl of Shannon
m. Marjorie Walker
Richard Bentinck Boyle
9th Earl of Shannon  
m. Susan Margaret Rogers Hogg
. .
William Saunders Sebright Lascelles
m. Caroline Geogiana Howard
Henrietta Frances Lascelles
m. 2nd Baron Chesham
Charles Compton William Cavendish
3rd Baron Chesham
m. Beatrice Constance Grosvenor
Lilah Constance Cavendish
m. 3rd Baronet Manningham-Buller
Reginald Edward Manningham-Buller
1st Viscount Dilhorne
4th Baronet Manningham-Buller
m. Mary Lilian Lindsay
John Mervyn Manningham-Buller
2nd Viscount Dilhorne  current
5th Baronet Manningham-Buller
m. Gillian Stockwell
John Compton Cavendish
4th Baron Chesham
m. Margot Mills
John Charles Compton Cavendish
5th Baron Chesham
m. Mary Edmunds Marshall
Nicholas Charles Cavendish
6th Baron Chesham  current
m. Susanne Adrienne Byrne
Georgina Caroline Cavendish
m. 2nd Earl of Leicester
his second marriage
Richard Coke
m. Doreen O'Brien
Hersey Coke
m. Peter William Marsham
Julian Charles Marsham
8th Earl of Romney  
m. Catriona Ann Stewart
Richard Lovel Coke
m. Molly Fletcher
Diana Caroline Coke
m. 20th Earl of Caithness  
Bridget Doreen Coke
m. 2nd Baron Rathcavan
second marriage
. .
John Spencer Coke
m. Dorothy Olive Lawson
Rosemary Olive Coke
m. 3rd Baron Hamilton of Dalzell
James Leslie Hamilton
4th Baron Hamilton of Dalzell
m. Ann Corinna Helena Dixon
Gavin Goulburn Hamilton
5th Baron Hamilton of Dalzell  
m. Harriet Roskill
Mary Susan Caroline Cavendish
m. 8th Viscount Cobham
Maud Mary Lyttelton
m. 4th Baron Leconfield
no children
. . .
John Cavendish Lyttelton
9th Viscount Cobham
m. Violet Yolande Leonard
Charles John Lyttelton
10th Viscount Cobham
m. Elizabeth Alison Makeig-Jones
John William Leonard Lyttelton
11th Viscount Cobham  
m. (1) Penelope Ann Cooper
m. (2) Lisa Clayton
no children
Elizabeth Catherine Lyttelton
m. 8th Baron Forester of Willey Park
Christopher Charles Lyttelton
12th Viscount Cobham  
m. Tessa Mary Readman
Viola Maud Lyttelton
m. Robert George Grosvenor
5th Duke of Westminster
duplicate #4 (from below)
Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor
6th Duke of Westminster  
m. Natalia Ayesha Phillips
Leonora Mary Grosvenor
m. 5th Earl of Lichfield
Thomas William Robert Hugh Anson
6th Earl of Lichfield 
Jane Meriel Grosvenor
m. 10th Duke of Roxburghe  
George William Lyttelton
m. Pamela Marie Adeane
Diana Maud Lyttelton
m. 7th Viscount Hood of Whitley
Henry Lyttelton Alexander Hood
8th Viscount Hood of Whitley  
m. Flora Susan Casement
Katherine Caroline Cavendish
m. 1st Duke of Westminster
his second marriage
Mary Cavendish Grosvenor
m. Viscount Crichton
Mary Katherine Crichton
m. 4th Duke of Abercorn
James Hamilton
5th Duke of Abercorn  
m. Alexandra Anastasia Phillips
John Henry George Crichton
5th Earl of Erne
m. Davidema K C M M Lytton
Henry George Victor John Crichton
6th Earl of Erne  
m. Camilla Marguerite Robberds
Hugh William Grosvenor
m. Mabel Florence Mary Crichton
Gerald Hugh Grosvenor
4th Duke of Westminster
m. Sally Perry
Robert George Grosvenor
5th Duke of Westminster
m. Viola Maud Lyttelton
duplicate #4 (see above)
Helen Frances Grosvenor
m. Lord Henry Charles Seymour
Hugh Edward Conway Seymour
8th Marquess of Hertford
m. Pamela Therese Louise de Chimay
Henry Jocelyn Seymour
9th Marquess of Hertford  
m. Beatriz Karam
Emma Elizabeth Lascelles
m. Lord Edward Cavendish
Victor Christian William Cavendish
9th Duke of Devonshire
m. Evelyn Emily M Petty-Fitzmaurice
Edward William Spencer Cavendish
10th Duke of Devonshire
m. Mary Alice Cecil
Andrew Robert Buxton Cavendish
11th Duke of Devonshire
m. Deborah Vivien Freeman-Mitford
Peregrine Andrew Mornay Cavendish
12th Duke of Devonshire  
m. Amanda Carmen Heywood-Lonsdale
Sophia Louise Sydney Cavendish
m. 3rd Baron Margadale  
Maud Louisa Emma Cavendish
m. George Evan Michael Baillie
Michael Evan Victor Baillie
3rd Baron Burton of Burton-on-Trent and Rangemore  
m. Elizabeth Ursula Forester Wise
. .
Dorothy Evelyn Cavendish
m. Maurice Harold Macmillan
1st Earl Stockton
Maurice Victor Macmillan
Viscount Macmillan of Ovenden
m. Katherine Margaret Alice Ormsby-Gore
Alexander Daniel Alan Macmillan
2nd Earl Stockton  
m. Helene Birgette Hamilton
Rachel Cavendish
m. 1st Viscount Stuart of Findhorn
David Randolph Moray Stuart
2nd Viscount Stuart of Findhorn
m. Grizel Mary Wilfreda Fyfe
James Dominic Stuart
3rd Viscount Stuart of Findhorn
m. Yvonne Lucienne Despres
Jean Davina Stuart
m. John Reedham Erskine Berney
Julian Reedham Stuart Berney
11th Baronet Berney  
m. Sheena Mary Day
Anne Cavendish
m. Henry Philip Hunloke
Phillipa Victoria Hunloke
m. 3rd Viscount Astor
no male children
. .
Richard Frederick Cavendish
m. Moyra de Vere Beauclerk
Elizabeth Vere Cavendish
m. 5th Marquess of Salisbury
Robert Edward Peter Gascoyne-Cecil
6th Marquess of Salisbury
m. Marjorie Olein Wyndham-Quin
Robert Michael J Gascoyne-Cecil
7th Marquess of Salisbury  
m. Hannah Stirling
Mary Katherine Cavendish
m. 28th Earl of Crawford
Robert Alexander Lindsay
29th Earl of Crawford  
m. Ruth Beatrice Meyer-Bechtler
. .
Diana Cavendish
m. 1st Baron Boothby
no children
. . .
Richard Edward Osbourne Cavendish
m. Pamela Thomas
Richard Hugh Cavendish
Baron Cavendish of Furness
m. Grania Caulfield
. .
Beatrice Blanche Lascelles
m. Frederick Temple
Archbishop of Canterbury
William Temple
Archbishop of Canterbury
m. Frances Gertrude Acland Anson
. . . .
Georgiana Caroline Lascelles
m. Charles William Grenfell
Caroline Georgiana Grenfell
m. Robert Henry Meade
Charles Francis Meade
m. Aileen Hilda Brodrick
Antonia Mary Hilda Meade
m. Ralph George Edward Jarvis
Caroline Jarvis
m. 5th Earl of Cranbrook  current
Flavia Mary Meade
m. 2nd Baron Ebbisham
no male children
. .
William Henry Grenfell
1st Baron Desborough
m. Ethel Anne Priscilla Fane
Monica Margaret Grenfell
m. John Maitland Salmond
Rosemary Laura Salmond
m. 3rd Baron Ravensdale  
. .
Julian John William Salmond
m. Brigid Louise Wright
Alicia Brigid Salmond
m. 2nd Viscount Head  
Alexandra Imogen Clair Grenfell
m. 6th Viscount Gage of Castle Island
George John St. Clere Gage
7th Viscount Gage of Castle Island
. .
Henry Nicholas Gage
8th Viscount Gage of Castle Island
m. Diana Adrienne Beatty
. .
Constance Isabella Grenfell
m. Frederick Arthur Aylmer
Christopher Aylmer
m. Marianne Ellison Barber
Michael Anthony Aylmer
13th Lord Aylmer, Baron of Balrath
m. Maddalena Attems Di Santa Croce
Anthony Julian Aylmer
14th Lord Aylmer, Baron of Balrath
m. Belinda Rosemary Parker
Henry Gerald Aylmer
m. Nancy Hollick
Rachel Moyra Aylmer
m. 4th Baronet Pauncefort-Duncombe
. .
Frank Cavendish Lascelles
m. Mary Emma Olliffe
William Frank Lascelles
m. Sybil Evelyn de Vere Beauclerk
Vreda Esther Mary Lascelles
m. 8th Duke of Buccleuch
Elizabeth Diana Montagu-Douglass-Scott
m. 10th Duke of Northumberland
Henry Alan Walter Richard Percy
11th Duke of Northumberland
never married
Ralph George Algernon Percy
12th Duke of Northumberland
m. Isobel Jane Richard
Walter Francis John Montagu-Douglass-Scott
9th Duke of Buccleuch  
m. Jane McNeill
. .
Caroline Margaret Montagu-Douglass-Scott
m. Baron Gilmour of Craigmillar  
. .
Harriett Lascelles
m. 2nd Earl of Sheffield
Henry North Holroyd
3rd Earl of Sheffield
never married
. . .
. .
Susan Harriet Holroyd
m. Edward William Harcourt
Edith Harcourt
m. 12th Earl of Winchilsea
no surviving male heirs
Lady Muriel Finch-Hatton
m. 2nd Baronet Paget
John Starr Paget
3rd Baronet Paget
m. Nancy Mary Parish
Richard Herbert Paget
4th Baronet Paget  current
m. Richenda Rachel Collins
Pamela Winefred Paget
m. 2nd Baron Glenconner
Colin Christopher Paget Tennant
3rd Baron Glenconner  current
m. Lady Anne Veronica Coke
Arthur Lascelles
m. Caroline Francis Brooke
Selina Lascelles
m. Arthur De Cardonnel Rhys
Walter Fitzuryan Rhys
7th Baron Dynevor
m. Margaret Child-Villiers
Imogen Alice Rhys
m. David Francis Brand
5th Viscount Hampden
duplicate #5 (see below)
. . .
Emma Lascelles
m. 1st Viscount Portman
William Henry Berkeley Portman
2nd Viscount Portman
m. Mary Selina Charlotte Fitzwilliam
Henry Berkeley Portman
3rd Viscount Portman
m. Emma Andalusia Frere Kennedy
no male heirs
. .
Emma Selina Portman
m. 11th Earl of Leven
John David Melville
12th Earl of Leven
never married
. . .
Archibald Alexander Melville
13th Earl of Leven
m. Rosamond Sylvia Diana Mary Foljambe
Alexander Robert Melville
14th Earl of Leven  current
m. Susan Steuart-Menzies
. .
Ian Melville
m. Charlotte Isabel Stirling
Judith Betty Leslie-Melville
m. 2nd Baron Dulverton
Gilbert Michael Hamilton Wills
3rd Baron Dulverton  current
m. Rosalind Van Der Velde
Elizabeth Marion Leslie-Mandeville
m. 4th Baron Joicy
James Michael Joicy
5th Baron Joicy  current
m. Agnes H F M Thompson
Claud Berkely Portman
4th Viscount Portman
m. Harriette Mary Stevenson
Edward Claud Berkely Portman
5th Viscount Portman
m. Sybil Mary Douglas-Pennant
no male heirs
. .
Seymour Berkeley Portman
6th Viscount Portman
never married
. .
. .
Gerald Berkeley Portman
7th Viscount Portman
m. Dorothy Marie Isolde Sheffield
Gerald William Berkeley Portman
8th Viscount Portman
m. Marjorie J B Gerrard
no children
. .
Michael Berkeley Portman
m. Madelaine June Charles
Edward Henry Berkeley Portman
9th Viscount Portman
m. Rosemary Joy Farris
Christopher E Berkeley Portman
10th Viscount Portman  current
m. (1) Caroline Steenson
m. (2) Patricia Martins Pim
Louisa Lascelles
m. Lord George Henry Cavendish
Susan Henrietta Cavendish
m. 2nd Viscount Hampden
Thomas Walter Brand
3rd Viscount Hampden
m. Katharine Mary Montagu-Douglas-Scott
Thomas Henry Brand
4th Viscount Hampden
m. Leila Emily Seely
no male children
Rachel Leila Brand
The Baroness Dacre  
. .
David Francis Brand
5th Viscount Hampden
m. Imogen Alice Ryhs
duplicate #5 (from above)
Anthony David Brand
6th Viscount Hampden  current
m. Cara Fiona Proby
. .
Joan Louisa Brand
m. 2nd Baronet Hill-Wood
David Basil Hill-Wood
3rd Baronet Hill-Wood
m. Jennifer Stang
Samuel Thomas Hill-Wood
4th Baronet Hill-Wood  current
Margaret Brand
m. Algernon Francis Holford Ferguson
Andrew Henry Ferguson
m. Marion Louisa Montagu-Douglass-Scott
Ronald Ivor Ferguson
m. Susan Mary Wright
Sarah Margaret Ferguson
m. 1st Duke of York  current
Robert Henry Brand
1st Baron Brand
m. Phyllis Langhorne
no surviving sons
. . . .