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THE 9TH EARL OF SHANNON , Viscount Boyle of Bandon, Co Cork, Baron of Castle Martyr, Co Cork, and Baron Carleton, of Carleton, Co York (Richard Bentinck Boyle) [The Rt Hon The Earl of Shannon, Pimm's Cottage, Man's Hill, Burghfield Common, Berks RG7 3BD]; born 23 Oct 1924; succeeded f 1963; educated Eton; late Capt Irish Gds, dir Conf Industl Research Assoc and Ctee Dirs Research Assoc 1969–85, chm and md J Starkie Gardner Ltd 1960–69, Pres Architectural Metal Craftsmens' Assoc 1966–69, fndr chm Fndn Science and Technology 1977–83, Provincial Grand Master Masonic Province of Surrey 1967–99; FRSA, FIMgt (FCMI), FBHI; married 1st 17 Sept 1947 (divorce 1955) Donna Catherine Irene Helen (Katie Boyle, the broadcaster), daughter of Marquis Demetrio Imperiali di Francavilla; married 2nd 25 May 1957 (divorce 1979) Susan Margaret Rogers, daughter of John Percy Russell Hogg and step-dau of Lt-Col Wilfrid Edmund Rogers; married 3rd 1994 •Mrs Almine Barton, daughter of Rocco Catorsia de Villiers, of Cape Town, and by his 2nd wife has:

1a +RICHARD HENRY JOHN, Viscount Boyle [Viscount Boyle, Edington House, Edington, Bridgwater, Som TA7 9JS]; born 19 Jan 1960

1a •Georgina Susan; born 7 Feb 1961

2a •Caroline Mary Victoria [The Lady Caroline Waters, Snowberry Cottage, Somerswey, Shalford, Surrey GU4 8EQ]; born 12 Oct 1965; married 1990 •Mark Nowell Waters, only son of P N Waters, of Guildford, and has:

1b •Oliver Robert Nowell; born 1991

2b •Max Alexander; born 1993

Previous creations: The 1st Earl of Shannon's uncle had been created in 1660, Viscount Shannon, original patent dated Paris 25 March 1654, and his first cousin Lord Clifford of Lanesborough's second son (who through the 2nd Earl of Shannon's mother was also the latter's great-uncle) had been created in 1714 Baron Carlton (see CORK and ORRERY, E). The former title expired with the death of the grantee's grandson in 1740; the latter was even shorter-lived, expiring with its original grantee and only holder in 1725.

Two other Baronies of Carleton have existed. The earlier, under its full name ‘Carleton of Imbercourt', was conferred in 1626 on Sir Dudley Carleton, a Privy Counsellor and official at CHARLES I's court who was promoted Viscount Dorchester two years later and died three and a half years later still, when both peerages expired. The later creation, the Barony of Carleton of Anner to give it its full name, was conferred on Hugh Carleton, son of a Corkonian merchant, in 1789. Eight years later he was promoted Viscount Carleton of Clare, chiefly to bribe him into supporting the Union of British and Irish Parliaments (both these late-18th-century creations were in the Irish peerage). On his death without issue in 1826 his titles expired with him.

Lineage: The 1st EARL OF ORRERY (see CORK and ORRERY, E) had a 2nd son:

HENRY BOYLE, of Castle Martyr, Co Cork; married Lady Mary O'Brien, daughter of 1st Earl of Inchiquin (see INCHIQUIN, B), and died 1693 on campaign in Flanders, having had:

1a Roger; died unmarried 1705

2a HENRY, 1st Earl

3a Charles; Capt RN cmdg HMS Bristol

4a William; Capt Schomberg's Horse, Commr Appeals Ireland; married Martha Beaufoy, daughter and heiress of Sir Samuel Garth, Physician Forces Ireland, and died 1725, leaving:

1b Henry; Capt of Horse; died 14 Feb 1756

2b Robert; died without issue , when his estates in Berks, Norfolk and Oxon passed to his sisters

1a Beaufoy; married 11 June 1736 John Wilder, of Nunhide, Berks

2a Henrietta; married 9 Dec 1736 William Nichols, of Froyle, Bucks

3a Elizabeth; married 9 Oct 1736 Matthew Graves, of Chiswick, and had issue

The 2nd son,

HENRY BOYLE, 1st Earl of Shannon, so created 17 April 1756, as also BARON OF CASTLE MARTYR, Co Cork, and VISCOUNT BOYLE OF BANDON, Co Cork (all I), PC (I 1733); born c 1686; educated Ch Ch Oxford; MP (I Parl) Midleton 1707–11, Kilmallock 1713–15 and Co Cork 1715–56, Speaker I H of C 1733–56, Chllr I Exchequer 1733–35 and 1739, Commr Revenue Ireland 1735–39, LLD Trin College Dublin 1735; married 1st 1715 Catherine (died without issue 5 May 1725), daughter of Chidley Coote, of Kilmallock (see COOTE, Bt); married 2nd Sept 1726 his cousin Henrietta (died 13 Dec 1746), youngest daughter of 3rd Earl of Cork (see CORK and ORRERY, E), and by her had:

1a RICHARD, 2nd Earl

2a Henry BOYLE later BOYLE-WALSINGHAM; married Lucy (married 2nd 20 March 1760 1st Viscount Clifden (see 1970 edn) and died 26 July 1802), eldest daughter of Col John Martin, and died 1756, having had:

1b Henry; died 1757

3a William; died 1748

4a Charles; married 1755 Henrietta, only daughter of James Price, and died 1758, leaving:

1b John, of Bafford Hall, Co Dublin; born 1758; married 1799 Eleanor, daughter of R Taylor, and died 1809, having had, with a daughter (Alice Mary, died an infant 1802):

1c William Edwin; born 1801; married 1839 Mary, daughter of Thomas Redfern, of Leicester, and died Dec 1840, leaving:

1d William Richard; born 12 Oct 1840; married 1861 Elizabeth (died 1874), daughter of H Bates, of Nottingham, and died 10 July 1902, leaving:

1e Charlotte Mary; married 1884 James Martin-Langley, and had issue

2e Dora; born 15 Feb 1878

5a Robert BOYLE later BOYLE-WALSINGHAM; born 1736; MP Dungarvan, Knaresborough and Fowey; married 17 July 1759 Charlotte (died 1790), 2nd daughter and coheir of Sir Charles Hanbury-Williams, KB (see SUDELEY, B), and was lost aboard the man-of-war Thunderer, which he cmded, in a West Indian hurricane Oct 1779, having had:

1b Richard; born 1762; died 1788


1a Juliana; married 18 May 1745 1st Earl of Carrick (qv) and died 22 Feb 1804, leaving issue

The 1st EARL died 28 Dec 1764; his eldest son,

RICHARD BOYLE, 2nd Earl of Shannon, KP (1783), PC (I 1763–70 and 1774); born 30 Jan 1727/8; educated Trin College Dublin; MP (I Parl) Dungarvan 1749–60 and Co Cork 1761–64, Master Gen Ordnance Ireland 1766–70, Muster Master and Clerk Cheque Armies in Ireland 1774–81, V-Treas Ireland 1781–89; created 6 Aug 1786 BARON CARLETON, of Carleton, Co York (GB); married 15 Dec 1763 Catherine (died 30 Jan 1827), sister of 1st Baron Ponsonby of Imokilly (see BESSBOROUGH, E), and died 20 May 1807, leaving, with a daughter ( Catherine Henrietta, married 12 Feb 1784 1st Earl of Bandon (died 26 Nov 1830; see 1970 edn) and died 8 July 1815, leaving issue):

HENRY BOYLE, 3rd Earl of Shannon, KP (1808), PC (I 1809); born 8 Aug 1771; educated Winchester; MP (I Parl) Cloghnikelty 1794–97, Co Cork 1797–1800 and (UK Parl as Tory) 1801–07 and Bandon 15–20 May 1807, Co Cork: custos rotulorum 1807–42 and Lord Lt 1831–42, Clerk Pells Ireland 1808–22; married 7 June 1798 Sarah (died 6 Sept 1820), 4th daughter of John Hyde, of Castle Hyde, Co Cork, and had, with six daughters (died unm):

1a Richard, born 22 Feb 1802; died aged c 12 months

2a RICHARD, 4th Earl

3a Henry Charles; born 10 Nov 1815; Army Offr; married 22 Sept 1841 Catherine Sophronia Jane (died 15 July 1844), 2nd daughter of James Ede, of Ridgway Castle, Hants, and died without issue 6 April 1846

4a Robert Francis; born 6 Oct 1818; Capt RN; married 2 Oct 1858 Elizabeth (died 18 Dec 1889), only daughter of Capt W Hole, RN, of Bideford, Devon, and died without issue 20 Jan 1883

The 3rd EARL died 22 April 1842; his eldest surviving son,

RICHARD BOYLE, 4th Earl of Shannon; born 12 May 1809; MP (Whig) Co Cork 1830–32; married 28 May 1832 Emily Henrietta (died 1 Dec 1887), youngest daughter of Lord George Seymour (see HERTFORD, M), and died 1 Aug 1868, having had, with a younger son (Frederick James, born 16 Sept 1835, RN, died 10 Oct 1861):

HENRY BENTINCK BOYLE, 5th Earl of Shannon; born 22 Nov 1833; educated Eton; Attaché Frankfurt 1852 and Vienna 1852–53, Hon Col 2nd Bde S Irish Div RA; married 1st 12 July 1858 Lady Blanche Emma Lascelles (died 26 Dec 1863), 3rd daughter of 3rd Earl of Harewood (qv), and had:


2a Henry George; born 10 Feb 1862; Lt 3rd Bn Yorks Regt; died unmarried 16 Dec 1908

3a Robert Francis, MVO; born 12 Dec 1863; served Egypt 1882, W Africa 1894 and WW I, V-Adml; married 3 Aug 1899 Cerise (died 7 April 1951), 2nd daughter of Sir Claude Champion de Crespigny, 4th Bt (see 1953 edn), and died 11 Sept 1922, leaving:

1b Vivian Francis; born 9 Jan 1902; Cdr RN; married 25 June 1929 Margaret Ruth Howard, elder daughter of Charles Howard Tripp, of Timaru, NZ, and died 21 Sept 1962, leaving:

1c +Robert Francis [Robert Boyle Esq, 180 Moana Ave, Nelson, New Zealand]; born 15 Aug 1930; educated Christ's College Christchurch NZ; forestry consultant NZ and Zimbabwe; married 3 April 1956 •Janet Eleanor, only daughter of Selwyn Ashley Cooper, of Rotorua, and has:

1d +David de Crespigny [David Boyle Esq, PO Box 8467, Mt Pleasant, QLD 4740, Australia]; born 2 Sept 1959; married 1996 •Lesley Anne Paton, and has:

1e +Liam Francis Paton; born 23 Feb 2001

1e •Mara Eleanor Paton; born 12 March 1997

2d +Robert Andrew [Robert Boyle Esq, PO Box 90508, Auckland 1001, New Zealand]; born 18 July 1961

1d •Judith Eleanor [Mrs Nikiforos Papadakis, 7 Ious, Kavouri, Athens 166-71, Greece]; born 19 June 1957; married 1st 1987 (divorce 1992) Abid Ilahi; married 2nd 1994 •Nikiforos Papadakis, and has:

1e •Anreas Boyle; born 10 Dec 1997

1e •Krysianna Boyle; born 22 March 1995

1c •Moyra Anne [Mrs William Leonard, 17b Sylvia Rd, St Heliers, Auckland, New Zealand]; born 11 Jan 1936; married 26 Feb 1960 William Francis Leonard (died 24 Sept 1997), s of William Alan Emmerson Leonard, of Mission Bay, Auckland, and has:

1d •Mark Francis; born 1961; has by Julie Sigley:

1e •Ruby Innes LEONARD; born 3 Jan 1994

2e •Frances Rose LEONARD; born 10 Oct 1995

1d •Zucchi Philippa Jane; born 1962; married 1988 •Alastair Salmond, of Wellington, and has:

1e •Oscar William; born 25 May 1991

1e •Hannah June; born 5 Aug 1992

2d •Virginia Anne; born 1965; married 22 Aug 1992 •Kenneth Cooke, of Auckland

2b Robin Lascelles; born 13 Nov 1915; Lt Roy Welch Fus WW II; killed in action June 1940

1b Moyra Blanche; born 19 Feb 1903; married 10 Oct 1929 Capt Hercules Bradshaw Moorhead, 7th QOH, elder son of Wickham Hercules Bradshaw Moorhead, DL, of Newry, Co Down

2b Bridget Cérise; born 13 March 1908; married 24 June 1933 Lt-Col John Rowson Saynor (died 30 Jan 1965), only son of John Edward Saynor, and died 3 March 1968, leaving issue

The 5th Earl married 2nd 14 Jan 1868 Julia Charlotte (died 27 Dec 1921), youngest daughter of Sir William Edmund Cradock-Hartopp, 3rd Bt (qv), and by her had:

4a Walter John Harry, CBE (1930); born 11 March 1869; Sr Official Receiver Bankruptcy 1922–34; married 25 April 1900 Ethel Horatia (died 8 April 1949), youngest daughter of Edward Rowe Fisher-Rowe, of Thorncombe, and died 24 Feb 1939, leaving:

1b Walter Julian Algernon; born 26 Nov 1918; educated Westminster; Lt RNVR WW II; married 30 July 1941 •Anita Diana, elder daughter of Wilfred Harry Greenhow, and had:

1c Clive Richard; born 7 March, died 30 March 1953

1b Patricia Beaufoy; born 17 March 1901; died unmarried 24 June 1968

2b •Helena Diana Victoria; born 20 Nov 1907; married 27 Sept 1932 (divorce 1961) Edward Locker Delmar-Morgan, AMIEE (died 29 Jan 1975), elder son of John Godfrey Yule Delmar-Morgan, of Chelsea, and has:

1c •John Oliver Julian; born 30 May 1934; educated Eton; Sub-Lt (S) RNR; married 5 May 1962 •Penelope Jane, only daughter of Eaton Woodhouse, of Alderley Edge, Cheshire, and has:

1d •Susannah Clare; born 10 March 1963

2d •Rebecca Jane; born 10 July 1965

1c •Patricia Jane [Mrs Peter Fowler, 2730 West 13th Ave, Vancouver 8, BC, Canada]; born 23 July 1941; married 23 July 1966 Peter George Edmund Fowler, elder son of Cdr George Charles Willoughby Fowler, RN, of Froxfield, Hants, and Ashby Manor, Spilsby, Lincs, and has:

1d •Patrick Michael Thomas; born 4 Aug 1968

5a Edward Spencer Harry; born 8 Oct 1870; Boer War 1900, Actg Cdr RNC Osborne 1914–18, Capt RN; married 12 Dec 1904 Lily (died 4 April 1953), eldest daughter of William Sanderson Beaumont Gardner, of Palermo, and died 8 Oct 1937, leaving:

1b Patrick Spencer; born 31 Oct 1905; educated RNCs Osborne and Dartmouth; Lt-Cdr RNVR WW II; married 1st 20 Aug 1932 Vera Maude Radcliffe Agnew (died 4 Feb 1940), elder daughter of Daniel Radcliffe, JP, LLD, of Pen-y-lan, Cardiff, and had:

1c +Michael Patrick Radcliffe, DL (Hants 1982) [Michael Boyle Esq DL, Saint Cross House, Whitchurch, Hants RG28 7AS]; born 25 Jan 1934; educated Eton; late Capt Irish Gds, OStJ, Hants: Commr St John Ambulance Bde, CC 1970; married 28 July 1962 •Lady Nell Carleton Harris, younger daughter of 6th Earl of Malmesbury (qv), and has:

1d +Robert Algernon Radcliffe; born 10 Jan 1963; educated King's Sch Bruton; Capt Irish Gds; married 1987 •Fiona Elisabeth Maule, youngest daughter of Col George Patrick Maule Ramsay (see DALHOUSIE, E)

2d +Rupert; born 20 Feb 1968

1d •Maria; born 26 Oct 1964

1b (cont.) Lt-Cdr Patrick Boyle married 2nd 5 Aug 1940 Rita Sylva (died 2002), younger daughter of Cecil Berens, JP, of Kent, and died 1978, having by her had:

2c +David Spencer [David Boyle Esq, The Dower House, Heythrop, Oxon OX7 5TL]; born 23 April 1942; educated Winchester and Pembroke College Cambridge; married 1980 •Melanie Georgiana, only daughter of William Robert Brudenell Foster (see AILESBURY, M), and has:

1d +James Patrick; born 1983

1d •Fenella; born 1982

6a Algernon Douglas Edward Harry (Sir), KCB (1924, CB), CMG (1918), MVO (1901); born 21 Oct 1871; served WW I (despatches, Legn Hon), ADC to HM GEORGE V 1918–19, 4th Sea Lord 1920–24, Adml, memb PLA 1925–29, Russian Order of St Anne 2nd Cl with swords, 3rd Cl Order Rising Sun Japan, Croix de Guerre, Cdr Order Crown Belgium; died unmarried 13 Oct 1949

The 5th EARL died 8 Feb 1890; his eldest son,

RICHARD HENRY BOYLE, 6th Earl of Shannon; born 15 May 1860; educated Eton; Lt Rifle Bde 1880–82, moved to Canada 1883, where took to ranching and served as memb Canadian Parl, Sgt RNWMPC, Capt Rocky Mountain Rangers; married 19 Aug 1895 Nellie (died 10 April 1910), daughter of Charles Thompson, of Bookham, Surrey, and died 11 Dec 1906, having had:

1a Richard Charles; born 10, died 23 July 1896

2a RICHARD BERNARD BOYLE, 7th Earl of Shannon; born 13 Nov 1897; 2nd Lt Roy Fus 1916 WW I; killed in action 13 April 1917

3a ROBERT HENRY BOYLE, 8th Earl of Shannon; born 1 Feb 1900; educated Malvern and RMC Sandhurst; ADC to Govr Madras 1923, Lt Roy Fus, Capt IA, WW II; married 27 Dec 1923 Marjorie (died 1981), daughter of Septimus Augustus Walker, of Ootacamund, India, and died 29 Dec 1963, leaving:

1b RICHARD BENTINCK BOYLE, 9th and present Earl of Shannon

1a Helen; born 24 Sept 1898; married 20 Sept 1922 (divorce 1933) Maj Cyril Bouchier Barlow, IA, s of Brig-Gen John Arthur Barlow, and had:

1b Michael Roderick; born 22 June 1929; educated Rugby and Trin College Cambridge; died c 2001


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