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THE 22ND LORD FORBES and Chief of the Name and Arms of Forbes (Sir Nigel Ivan Forbes, KBE (1960), JP (1955), DL (Aberdeenshire 1958)) [The Rt Hon The Lord Forbes KBE DL, Castle Forbes, Keig, Aberdeenshire; Balforbes, Alford, Aberdeenshire AB33 8DR]; born 19 Feb 1918; succeeded f 1953; premier Lord of Parl in Scottish peerage; educated Harrow and RMC Sandhurst; Maj Gren Gds (RARO), WW II Belgium, France, N. Africa, Sicily, NW Europe (wounded), Adj Gren Gds 1941–43, Staff College 1945–46, MA High Commr Palestine 1947–48; rep S peer 1955–63, Min State Scottish Off 1958–59, Dist Cncllr 1955–58, pres Roy Highland and Ag Soc Scotland 1958–59 abd Scottish Scout Assoc 1970–88, chm Nat Playing Fields Assoc (Scottish Branch) 1965–80, memb Sports Cncl Scotland 1966–71, chm River Don District Bd 1962–73 and Rolan Ltd 1975–88, dep chm Tenant Caledonian Breweries 1964–74, dir Blenheim Travel Ltd 1981–88, memb: bd Scottish Nature Conservancy 1961–67, Inter-Parly Union Delegn Denmark 1956, Cwlth Parly Assoc Delegation Canada 1961, Inter-Parly Union Delegn Hungary 1965, Cwlth Parly Delegn Pakistan 1962, dir Grampian TV 1960–88; married 23 May 1942 •Hon Rosemary Katharine Hamilton-Russell, only daughter of 9th Viscount Boyne (qv), and has:

1a +MALCOLM NIGEL, Master of Forbes, DL (Aberdeenshire 1996) [The Master of Forbes DL, Castle Forbes, Alford, Aberdeenshire AB33 8BL]; born 6 May 1946 (HRH THE PRINCESS ROYAL stood sponsor); educated Eton and Aberdeen U; farmer, dir Instock Disposables 1974–, chm Castle Forbes Collection Ltd 1996–; married 1st 30 Jan 1969 (divorce 1982) Carole Jennifer Andrée, daughter of Norman Stanley Whitehead, of Aberdeen, and has:

1b +Neil Malcolm Ross; born 10 March 1970

1b •Joanne Carole; born 23 April 1972

1a (cont.) The Master of Forbes married 2nd 15 Feb 1988 •Mrs Jennifer Mary Gribbon, daughter of Ian Peter Whittington, of Tunbridge Wells

2a +Jonathan Andrew [The Hon Jonathan Forbes, East Cevidley, Alford, Aberdeenshire AB33 8BH]; born 20 Aug 1947; educated Eton and RAC Cirencester; Capt Gren Guards (ret 1977), dir Profile Security Servs 1980–; married 1981 •Hon Nicola Frances Hawke, daughter of 10th Baron Hawke (qv), and has:

1b +James Frederick Nicholas; born 1987

1b •Camilla Rose; born 1983

2b •Annabella Jane; born 1985

1a •Gillian Rosemary [The Hon Mrs Foster, Church Farm House, Blakesley, Northants NN12 8RA]; born 3 April 1949; educated St Mary's Wantage; married 26 March 1969 •Alexander Neil Foster (see PERTH, E), and has:

1b •Michael Alexander; born 1973

1b •Lucia Katharine; born 1970

Lineage: The lands of Forbes, Aberdeenshire, described as the duthus or tribe-land of the chief of the FORBESes, were originally held independently of any feudal tenancy system and traditionally by ‘first occupation', or in effect a superior kind of squatting (and on a vast scale). They seem to have been incorporated into a feudal system of tenure 1271/2. At that time DUNCAN, feudal Lord of Forbes had a charter of the lands of Forbes and Kern as a baronial fief from ALEXANDER III in 1272. His son:

JOHN De FORBES; paid homage to EDWARD I 12 March 1295/6 but seems later to have supported ROBERT I (1306–29); Govr Urquhart Castle; by tradition fell in battle 1305, leaving by his wife (possibly a daughter of John del Ard) a posthumous son:

JOHN De FORBES OF THAT ILK; witnessed two charters of the Earl of Mar (qv) 1359; died by 1362, leaving:

Sir ALEXANDER De FORBES OF THAT ILK; died by 3 July 1364, leaving:

JOHN De FORBES OF THAT ILK; had charter from 9th Earl of Mar (qv) of the lands of Edinbanchory and Craiglogy, which was confirmed by DAVID II 3 July 1364 and 15 Nov 1374; Sheriff Aberdeen 1374; had granted to him and his wife Margaret by Bp of Moray 18 July 1378 the lands of Findrassie; had:

Sir JOHN FORBES OF THAT ILK; succeeded f by 20 Aug 1387, knighted by 6 April 1391; married Elizabeth/Margaret Kennedy of Dunure, and died between May and Nov 1406, having had:


2a William (Sir), of Kinaldie; married Agnes, daughter of Sir William Fraser of Philorth (see SALTOUN OF ABERNETHY, L) and had issue (see FORBES OF NEWE, Bt)

3a John (Sir); got Tolquhon by marriage with Marjory, daughter and coheir of Sir Henry Preston of Formartin, and was ancestor of the FORBESes OF TOLQUHON, FOVERAN, WATERTON and CULLODEN

4a Alaster Cam (‘The Lame'); got Brux by marriage with Katherine, daughter and heir of Sir Ewen Cameron, and was ancestor of the FORBESes OF BRUX, who had charters of lands in Aberdeenshire and Kincardineshire under MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS and JAMES VI (and I of England)

Sir JOHN's eldest son,

ALEXANDER FORBES, 1st Lord Forbes (S), so created Oct 1444 x July 1445; born c 1380; among Scots contingent in French army at defeat of English at Beaugé during Hundred Years War 1421; had a charter of the lands and (territorial) barony of Forbes 16 Oct 1423; married 6–16 Oct 1423 Elizabeth (married 2nd Sir David Hay of Yester; see TWEEDDALE, M), only daughter of 1st Earl of Angus of the 1389 created (see HAMILTON and BRANDON, D) and grand-daughter of ROBERT III, and died 1448, having had:

1a JAMES, 2nd Lord

2a William; Provost St Giles, Edinburgh

1a Annabella; married 1445 Patrick, Master of Gray

2a Margaret; married – Meldrum of Fyvie

3a Elizabeth; married Alexander Irvine of Drum (qv)

The 1st LORD's son,

JAMES FORBES, 2nd Lord Forbes; licensed 1456 to fortify his castle of Druminnor, commonly called Forbes, then the chief seat of the family (the name Castle Forbes was later transferred to Putachie); married Egidia/Gille, daughter of 1st Earl Marischal (see KINTORE, E), and died 20 Sept 1460 x 30 July 1462, having had, with another son:

1a WILLIAM, 3rd Lord

2a Duncan; married Christian, daughter of – Mercer of Balliol, and widow of Gilbert Skene of that Ilk, and was ancestor of the FORBESes OF CONSINDAE and MONYMUSK (see STUART-FORBES OF PITSLIGO, Bt)

3a Patrick, of Corse; ancestor of the FORBESes OF CRAIGIEVAR (qv) and the EARLS OF GRANARD (qv)

1a Egidia; married Malcolm Forbes of Tolquhon

The 2nd LORD's eldest son,

WILLIAM FORBES, 3rd Lord Forbes, called ‘Gray Willie'; married c 8 July 1468 Lady Christian Gordon, daughter of 1st Earl of Huntly (see HUNTLY, M), and died 9 July 1477 x 5 July 1483, having had:

1a ALEXANDER FORBES, 4th Lord Forbes; married Margaret (married 2nd by 9 Aug 1509 1st Earl of Cassillis, see AILSA, M), only daughter of 1st and last Earl of Arran of the 1467 created (see KILMARNOCK, B), and died without issue Aug 1488 x 6 May 1491

2a ARTHUR FORBES, 5th Lord Forbes; married Agnes, daughter of 3rd Lord Glamis (see STRATHMORE AND KINGHORNE, E), and died without issue 1493

3a JOHN FORBES, 6th Lord Forbes; married 1st Catherine, daughter of 1st Earl of Atholl of the 1457 created (see MORAY, E), and had a son (James, died young) and a daughter (Elizabeth, married John Grant of Freuchie; see STRATHSPEY, B); married 2nd by 26 Feb 1509/10 Christian, daughter of John Lundin of that Ilk, and by her had:

1b John, Master of Forbes; married as her 1st husband Elizabeth, daughter of 6th Lord Glamis (see STRATHMORE AND KINGHORNE, E); died without issue , executed 17 July 1537 for conspiracy to murder JAMES V

2b WILLIAM, 7th Lord

2b Margaret; married Andrew Fraser of Muchalls

3b Elizabeth; married 1st Gilbert Keith of Troup; married 2nd Alexander Innes 14th of that Ilk (see ROXBURGHE, D); married 3rd Alexander Dunbar of Conzie (see DUNBAR OF MOCHRUM, Bt)

4b Marjory; married 1st Alexander Forbes of Brux; married 2nd as his 2nd wife, Alexander Burnet of Leys (qv)

3a (cont.) The 6th Lord married 3rd by 29 July 1515 Elizabeth, widow of 1st Lord Elphinstone (qv) and daughter of – Barlow/Berlay (an Englishwoman in the Household of QUEEN MARGARET, wife of JAMES IV of Scotland and sister of HENRY VIII of England) and died 1547, leaving:

3b Arthur, of Putachie; married as her 2nd husband Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander Innes 13th of that Ilk (see ROXBURGHE, D); killed Battle of Tillieangus Oct 1571

5b Janet; married 1st 3rd Earl of Atholl of the 1457 created (see MORAY, E); married 2nd Alexander Hay of Delgaty; married 3rd William Leslie of Balquhain (see LESLIE, Bt)

1a Christian; married 1st Lord Ruthven, and had issue (see CARLISLE, E)

The 6th LORD's younger son,

WILLIAM FORBES, 7th Lord Forbes; Gentleman of the Bedchamber 1539; married 19 Dec 1538 Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of Sir William Keith of Innerugie, and died 1593, having had, with two other sons (died young):

1a JOHN, 8th Lord

2a William, of Fodderbirse; born 2 March 1543/4; had issue

3a Arthur, of Logie; born 3 April 1550; killed 1574

4a James, of Lethenty; born 16 July 1551; married Margaret, elder daughter and coheir of William Forbes of Pitsligo (see FORBES OF NEWE, Bt), and had issue

5a Robert, Commendator Monymusk; born 1 Jan 1555/6; married Agnes, daughter of William Forbes of Corse, and had issue

6a Abraham, of Blacktown

1a Jean; married James, Lord Ogilvy of Airlie (see AIRLIE, E)

2a Elizabeth; married as his 2nd wife 5th Lord Sinclair (see CAITHNESS, E)

3a Christian; married George Johnston of that Ilk and Caskieben and had issue (see JOHNSTON OF CASKIEBEN, Bt)

4a Isabel; married John Gordon of Pitlurg

5a Catherine; married – Barclay of Gartly

6a Margaret; born 14 Oct 1557; married George Sinclair of Mey (see CAITHNESS, E)

7a Barbara; married 1st Robert Allardyce of Allardyce; married 2nd Alexander Hay of Delgaty; married 3rd Sir Archibald Douglas of Keillor (see MORTON, E)

8a Anne; married 1st Sir John Seton of Barns; married 2nd John Hamilton

The 7th LORD's son,

JOHN FORBES, 8th Lord Forbes, PC (S Jan 1593/4); born 3 July 1542; supported JAMES VI against the Catholic Lords 1594/5; married 1st Nov 1558 Margaret (divorce 1574), eldest daughter of 4th Earl of Huntly (see HUNTLY, M), and had:

1a William; born 1562; Capucin monk Ghent from 13 Feb 1588/9; died without issue 21 March 1591/2

2a John; born 1570; Capucin monk Tournai from 2 Aug 1593; died unmarried 11 Aug 1606

1a Jean; married William Comyn of Earnside

2a Isobel; died unm

3a Margaret; married 1st (contract 23 April) 1600 George Sinclair of Dunbeath, descended from a brother of Earl of Caithness (qv); married 2nd 1628 Claud Hamilton

The 8th Lord married 2nd 1580 Janet (died 2 Feb 1616), daughter of William Seton of Touch and widow of Sir John Bellenden, and died 29 June 1606 after obtaining 28 Dec 1598 a charter purporting to resettle the Lordship and (territorial) Barony of Forbes on his male issue by her, having further had, with another s (died young):

3a ARTHUR, 9th Lord

4a Katherine; married William Gordon of Rothiemay

The 8th LORD's only surviving son by his 2nd wife,

ARTHUR FORBES, 9th Lord Forbes; born 25 April 1581; married 5 Feb 1600 Jean, daughter of 4th Lord Elphinstone (qv), and had, with four other sons:

1a ALEXANDER, 10th Lord

2a John; born 2 Nov 1608; bore a letter of recommendation from CHARLES I to The Shah of Persia 1635; died unm

1a Barbara; married 2nd Earl of Seaforth (see CROMARTIE, E)

2a Anne; married Arthur Forbes of Echt

3a Elizabeth; married James Skene of Skene

The 9th LORD's eldest son,

ALEXANDER FORBES, 10th Lord Forbes; Lt-Gen Thirty Years War under KING GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS OF SWEDEN, cmded Scottish Army Ireland 1643; married 1st his distant cousin Anne, sister of 1st Lord Forbes of Pitsligo (see FORBES OF NEWE, Bt), and had, with three other sons and a dau:

1a WILLIAM FORBES, 11th Lord Forbes; married 1st 1648 Jean (died 10 Dec 1660), elder daughter and coheir of John Campbell of Cawdor (see CAWDOR OF CASTLEMARTIN , E); married 2nd c 26 March 1668 Anna (died without issue ), sister of 2nd Earl of Kellie (see MAR and KELLIE, E); married 3rd c 11 Dec 1682 Barbara (died without issue ), daughter of – Forbes of Asloun, and died 1697, leaving by his 1st w:

1b WILLIAM, 12th Lord

2b Arthur, of Auchintoul and Breda; married Elizabeth Forbes of Echt, and had a son (Alexander)

3b Archibald, of Putachie; married Margaret Forbes of Leslie, and was buried 29 Nov 1723, having had three daughters and a son David

1b Margaret; married 1st Alexander, Lord Duffus; married 2nd Sir Robert Gordon of Gordonstoun, Bt, and died April 1677

2b Elizabeth; married John Leith of Whitehaugh

The 10th Lord married 2nd Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Forbes of Rires, Fifeshire, and died Stockholm 20 April 1672, having by her had, with eight other sons and eight other daughters:

1a Marie; born 26 July 1651; married 1st (contract 30 Jan 1679), as his 2nd wife, Hugh Rose 14th of Kilravock (qv), and had issue; married 2nd Alexander Kinnaird of Culbin

The 11th LORD's son,

WILLIAM FORBES, 12th Lord Forbes, PC; born c 1656; supported the Union of Scottish and English Parls 1707, Ld-Lt Aberdeenshire and Banffshire 1715–16 specifically to suppress the Jacobite Rising; married 1680 Anne, daughter of James Brodie of Brodie (qv), and died July 1716, having had, with another son:

1a WILLIAM FORBES, 13th Lord Forbes; married (contract 3 Sept 1720) Dorothy, daughter of William Dale, of Covent Gdn, London, who brought him a fortune of £20,000 (over £1m in early-2000s terms) which he lost in the South Sea Bubble 1720 and other injudicious speculations, and died 26 June 1730, having had, with two other daughters (died young):

1b FRANCIS FORBES, 14th Lord Forbes; born 19 Dec 1721; died without issue 8 Aug 1734

1b Jean; married 22 April 1748 James Dundas of Dundas and died 28 July 1774

2b Elizabeth; married 1752 Prof John Gregory, MD, and died 1761

2a JAMES, 15th Lord

1a Mary; married John Ogilvy of Balbegno

The 15th LORD's unc,

JAMES FORBES, 15th Lord Forbes; born 1689; married 1st 1715 his distant cousin Mary, daughter of 3rd Lord Forbes of Pitsligo (see FORBES OF NEWE, Bt), and had:

1a JAMES FORBES, 16th Lord Forbes; born c 1725; Dep Govr Fort William 1764; married Jan 1760 Catherine (died 16 April 1805), only daughter of Sir Robert Innes of Balvenie, 6th Bt (qv), and died 29 July 1804, having had, with three other sons:

1b JAMES OCHONCAR, 17th Lord

1b Margery; married 1st 4 June 1786 John, Lord Macleod, eldest s of the attainted 3rd Earl of Cromarty (see CROMARTIE, E); married 2nd 11 March 1794 4th Duke of Atholl (qv) and died 4 Oct 1842, leaving issue

2b Mary Elizabeth; married 9 July 1785 Sir John Hay of Smithfield and Hayston, Bt, and died 2 Nov 1803, leaving issue (see FRASER OF LOVAT, L)

1a Sophia; married Charles Cumine of Kininmont, and died 13 March 1790

2a Mary; married James Gordon of Cobairdy, and died 21 June 1793, leaving issue

3a Anne; married 20 Nov 1746 Thomas Erskine of Pittodrie, and died 30 Oct 1750, leaving issue

The 15th Lord Forbes married 2nd 1741 Elizabeth (died without issue 12 June 1792), daughter of Sir James Gordon of Park, Bt, and died 20 Feb 1761

The 17th LORD's eldest son,

JAMES OCHONCAR FORBES, 17th Lord Forbes; born 7 March 1765; Kt Roy Sicilian Order St Januarius; Gen, Col 21st Scots Fus, rep S peer 1806–43, High Commr to Gen Assembly Ch of Scotland 1826; married 2 June 1792 Elizabeth (died 11 Oct 1830), eldest daughter of Walter Hunter of Polmood, Peeblesshire (see CROMARTIE, E), and died 4 May 1843, having had, with four other sons and another dau:

1a WALTER, 18th Lord

2a Robert; born 1 June 1808; HEIC's CS Bengal; married 26 March 1828 Frances Dorothy (died 3 June 1895), 2nd daughter of Thomas Law Hodges, MP, of Hemel Hempstead, and died 2 June 1883, leaving:

1b Robert Ochoncar Hawkins; born 17 Feb 1829; Col RSC; married 1858 Jessie Smith and died 20 Nov 1882, leaving:

1c Robert Ochoncar; born 7 Sept 1859; married 9 Sept 1898 Juliana Olga (died 23 Feb 1954), daughter of Maj John Nevinson, 4th Hus, and died 3 Nov 1913, leaving:

1d •Rosalie Jessie Olga; born 1904; married 19 Sept 1938 Thomas Percival Durant Beighton (died 1971), eldest son of Thomas Durant Beighton, ICS

2c James Smith; born 1861

1c Jessie Frances Hodges

2b Frederick Murray Hay; born 30 March 1830; Maj Bengal Staff Corps; married 5 Jan 1858 Honoria Matilda, daughter of Rev William Knox Marshall, Preb Hereford, and died 3 Dec 1870, leaving, with two other daughters (Florence and Alice, died unm):

1c Malcolm (Rev); born 3 March 1860; married 24 Nov 1888 Ella Constance Josephine Brenton (died 9 Dec 1937), daughter of Rev Adolphus Carey, Vicar Brixham, Devon, and died 12 July 1941, leaving:

1d Malcolm Hay Ochoncar; born 22 Aug 1891; Maj 3rd Bn Gordon Hldrs WW I and II as Instructor (Seamanship) RANVR; married 1st 19 Dec 1921 Edith Maud (died 20 Feb 1962), only daughter of G A McMillan, and died 1973, leaving:

1e •Helen Mary Hay; married 9 April 1945 •Terence Dudley Thompson, F/Lt RAAF, and has:

1f •Ian Forbes; born 18 Feb 1951

1f •Pamela Forbes; born 25 Feb 1947

2f •Jane Forbes; born 21 Dec 1948

3f •Georgina Helen Forbes; born 26 Aug 1968

1d (cont.) Maj Malcolm Forbes married 2nd 1966 Helen Roslyn (died 1970), daughter of A C Graham and widow of Alexander Dickson

1d Helen Stuart Angus; born 10 Sept 1889

2c Norman Hay, JP Kent; born 1 March 1863; FRCS Edin, FRS Edin, Order of Mercy; married 12 Jan 1897 Ellen (died 28 May 1927), widow of Charles W Robinson and daughter of Jason Wilshin, of Hayes, Middx, and died 27 June 1916, leaving:

1d Eilidh McLeod Hay, born 9 Oct 1897; died unmarried 25 Aug 1970

3c Lindsay Anstruther; born 21 Oct 1865; Maj IA, Consul Basra; married 1911 Gertrude B (died 1960), daughter of G F Lambert, of Basingstoke, and died without issue 5 April 1953

4c Atholl Murray Hay, DSO (1917); born 22 July 1870; Lt-Col 1st Bn Roy Scots Fus, NW Frontier India 1897–98 (medal with two clasps) and WW I (wounded, despatches twice); married 16 Feb 1915 Alice Rose (died 17 Feb 1968 aged 97), daughter of N C Tuely, FLS, and widow of Maj George Alfred Keef, Roy Scots Fus, and died without issue 10 April 1942

1c Edith Russell; married 8 March 1893 Lt-Col Daniel Edward Mocatta (died 28 Nov 1936), IA, and died without issue 15 Nov 1950

2c Katherine Hamilton; married 22 July 1896 Archibald William Forbes Russell, MA, MB, IMS, and died 3 June 1934, having had issue. He died 21 June 1898

3b Henry Twisden; born 27 May 1832; Col Bengal Staff Corps; married 7 Nov 1856 Emily Jane (died 1892), 2nd daughter of Maj John Inglis, and died 1895, leaving:

1c Robert Inglis; born 10 Oct 1860; Maj Hants Regt, Govr Aberdeen Prison, Burmese War 1885–87 (despatches, medal and clasp); married 1892 Helena Eleanor (died 1944), daughter of Edward Townsend, of Co Galway, and died 1945, leaving:

1d William Robert Townsend; born 1893; Capt Black Watch WW I (wounded); married 26 Aug 1925 Evelyn (died 1989), only daughter of Very Rev Preb H Erskine-Hill, DD, and died 1967, leaving:

1e +Ian Robert Patrick [Ian Forbes Esq, 93 Steyne Rd, Southbourne, Hants]; born 24 Oct 1926; married 26 Sept 1953 (divorce 1971) Patricia, only daughter of D Heginbotham, of Hove, Sussex

2e +William Michael [Cdr William Forbes RN, 21 Rosenau Cres, London SW11]; born 13 Nov 1934; married 1st 21 Sep 1957 (divorce 19–) Wendy Ann, daughter of Stanley Thomas Birch; married 2nd 18 March 1994 •Janette Ann, daughter of Leonard Nieder, of Cookham, Berks, and by his 1st wife has:

1f +David Charles; born 1 Jan 1959

2f +Simon Robert; born 6 April 1964; married 4 Dec 1999 •Pernilla, daughter of Hilding Hejdenberg, of Gotland, Sweden, and has:

1g •Iset Cecilia Evelyn; born 16 March 2004

3f +Jeremy Andrew; born 26 Oct 1966

1f •Anne Lesley; born 25 June 1960; educated Bristol U (MD)

3e +Patrick; born 21 Nov 1938; educated Westminster and Lincoln Theological College; broadcasting offr C of E; married 16 June 1962 •Annette Margaret, only child of Robert Rew Miller, of Upper Norwood, and has:

1f +Stephen Robert; born 10 Sep 1967

1e Elizabeth Anne; born 25 Sept 1933; married 1st 1953 (annulled 1955) Tom Richard Denning, younger son of T H Denning; married 2nd 30 June 1956 •William Lathrop Bauhan, of NH, USA, elder son of Col R W Bauhan, and had:

1f •Patrick Lathrop; born 7 March 1957

1f •Sarah Forbes; born 8 Sept 1959

2d Kenneth Herbert; born 1899; JP Karachi 1945–47; married 1st 29 Nov 1929 (divorce 1938) Zara Muriel, only daughter of Walter Currie, of South Africa, and had:

1e •Susan [Mrs Iain Bain, New Cottage, Newnham, Baldock, Herts SG7 5JX]; born 6 July 1933; married 14 June 1958 •Iain Stuart Bain, FSA, FSTD, FRSA, author, s of James Bain, MC, of Cromarty and Kirkcudbright, and has:

1f •Christina Mary; born 28 Oct 1961; married 1993 •Alasdair Anderson

2f •Catriona Frances, born 29 March 1964

2d (cont.) Kenneth Forbes married 2nd 10 Sept 1947 •Dorothy Joan, only daughter of Alfred Percival Folkard, and died 1981, leaving by her:

1e +Colin Kenneth [Colin Forbes Esq, 46B Addison Gdns, London W14 0DP]; born 12 March 1956

2c Herbert Russell; born 1863; married 30 March 1896 Amy Ella (died 15 Jan 1935), daughter of W D Scott, and died 17 April 1920, leaving:

1d Marjorie Alice; born 1900; married 21 July 1920 John Taylor Porritt (died 1976), s of Edward Porritt, and had:

1e •Joan April; born 1921; married 19– – Yates

2e •Gillian [Mrs Lindsey-Renton, PO Box 747, Olifantsfontein 1665, S Africa]; born 1927; married 19– – Lindsey-Renton and has two daughters

3c Charles Twisden; born 1864; married 28 Aug 1895 Alice Park (died 1940), daughter of Surgn-Col A H Hilson, CIE, and died 14 Dec 1913, leaving:

1d Archibald Herbert d'Esterre, MC; born 1889; 2nd Lt Service Bn Roy W Surrey Regt; married 7 Aug 1924 Emily Flora (died 1991), youngest daughter of S K Keyes, and died 31 Oct 1956, leaving:

1e •Isla Hamilton [Mrs Philip Brownless, The Hornpipe, Oak Meadow, Birdham, Chichester, W Sussex]; born 31 Oct 1926; BA 1948; married 6 July 1948 •Rev Philip Paul Stanley Brownless, MA, eldest son of Rev William Stanley Brownless, of Somerset, and has had:

1f Andrew Hamilton; born 3 Feb 1952; died 19–

2f •Benjamin Stanley; born 15 Oct 1956

1f •Alison Kilworth; born 24 May 1950; educated Bristol U; married 1973 •Alan Geoffrey Browne, MICE, and has:

1g •Radley Alan Forbes; born 1978

1g •Carola Jody Merchant; born 1981

2e Rona Kilworth; born 1 Nov 1928; MA 1951; married 17 May 1952 Raymond Frank Abraham Hunter, MC, Dist Offr Benin City, Nigeria (died 28 April 2003), s of Rev Walter Frederick William Hunter, of Birmingham, and died 28 Jan 2000, having had:

1f Robert William Forbes; born 10 June, died 19 Aug 1954

2f •Charles William Forbes; born 2 Nov 1955; married 1976 • (Mairi) Christine Parker, and has:

1g •Robyn Beatrice; born 1981

2g •(Mairi) Chantal; born 1984

3f •Jolyon Nigel Forbes [Jolyon Hunter Esq, 570 Lower Harmony, RR3, Truro NS B2N 5B2, Canada]; born 9 Oct 1958; married 1983 •Maura Cameron, and has:

1g •Matthew Archibald Cameron; born 1988

2g •(Raymond) Alexander Cameron; born 1991

3g •Charles Robert Forbes; born Aug 1995

1g •Sarah Lindsey; born 1986

2g •Emily Jean; born 1993

4f •Mark Raymond Forbes; born 23 Sep 1960; married 1985 •Pauline Irvin, and has:

1g •Abby Catherine Irvin; born 1990

5f •William John Forbes; born 25 Nov 1965; married 1988 •Rebecca Houtsma, and has:

1g •(William) Piers; born May 1996

1g •Tegan Anneke; born 1992

2g •(Rona) Katherine; born 1994

1d Alison Park; born 1902; married Hugh Charteris Duncan (died 1953), of Kuttal, Cachar, and died 7 Nov 1927, leaving:

1e •Alistair Charteris; born 1927

4c Arthur Trevor; born 1866; ICS; married 1st 15 Jan 1890 Caroline Eliza (died 4 July 1915), daughter of Richard Vicary Gorham, of Suffolk, and had:

1d Trevor Courtenay; born 9 Nov 1898; Lt 7th Bn Suffolk Regt

1d Edith Marjorie; married 10 Sep 1934 Lt-Col Graham Brunel Ingle Nokes, RIASC, elder son of G A Nokes, and had:

1e •Daphne Veronica; born 16 May 1942

4c (cont.) Arthur Forbes married 2nd 25 Dec 1916 Cornelia (died 1956), daughter of Rev Thomas Robert Matthews, Rector Moviddy, Crookstown, Co Cork, and died 28 March 1933

5c Percy Bowie Barrington; born 1872; married 1909 Helen Ardamine Georgette, daughter of Rev John Galloway Garrett, of Kandy, Ceylon, and died without issue 15 Jun 1947

6c Alec Inglis; born 1874; married 13 Dec 1899 Katherine Macpherson (married 2nd 15 Oct 1913 Maj William Bucknell Coney, Sherwood Foresters, Derbyshire Regt, and died 1951), daughter of Ernest Gray, of Hoon Hay, NZ, and died without issue 29 July 1910

7c Cyril D'Esterre; born 1878; married June 1914 Sara Moore (died Sept 1924), daughter of James Carr, of Saskatchewan, Canada

1c Constance Louisa Sandys; died unmarried 20 Nov 1940

2c Edith Frances; married 23 July 1931 Rev Acton Warburton, MA, elder son of Rev Thomas Acton Warburton, DCL

3c Alice Gertrude; married 1899 Matthew Young, ICS, of Guildford, Surrey, and had issue

4b Walter Ernest; born 23 May 1840; Col Bengal Staff Corps; married 12 Sept 1860 Louisa Charlotte (died 18 July 1916), eldest daughter of James Colquhoun, and died 1895, having had, with other issue:

1c Francis Sutherland Courtenay; born 1867; married 1896 Adrienne Eva Blanche, daughter of Col Charles Cecil Rookes, of Auckland, NZ, and had:

1d Haydon Marriott Sutherland, DSC; born 1897; Lt-Cdr RN; married Cicely, daughter of Capt Armitage, RN, and was killed on flying duty 9 June 1927, leaving:

1e •Pamela Patricia, born 1925

2c Ernest Colebrook; born 1868; married 1891 Anne Maud (died 14 Feb 1942), daughter of John Cashel, of Onehunga, Auckland, NZ, and died 1912, leaving:

1d Atholl Courtenay; born 1892; married 1924 Veronica Elizabeth (married 2nd 1939 L A C Houston and died 7 Jan 1966), daughter of Arthur George Willis, of Gisborne, NZ, and died 3 May 1952, leaving:

1e •Pamela Jane; born 1929; late Sister Tutor QARNNS; married 20 Sep 1958 •Richard Bostock, BA, FCA, AIMTA, s of Edward Bostock, and has:

1f •John Edward; born 25 Feb 1960; married 1986 •Katherine Helen Dandy

2f •David Forbes; born 5 Jan 1962; married 1990 •Yujin Chung, and has:

1g •Richard Daejin; born 1990

1f •Julia Elizabeth; born 4 Jan 1965; married 1993 •Kevin David Kinsella

2d Ernest Twisden; born 1902; married 1932 Mavis Amy (died 1973), of Norfolk Island, S Pacific, daughter of Edward Ingham, of Melbourne, Australia, and died Jan 1966, leaving:

1e •Barbara Beatrice; born 1934; married 1963 •Hubert Andrew Thebo, BS, and has:

1f •Christine Forbes; born 16 March 1967

1c Margaret Louisa; married 19 April 1902 Capt Robert James Longden, Yorks and Lancs Regt, of Vancouver, and had issue

5b John Charles Marriott; born 18 April 1842; married 1870 Ellen Frances, daughter of Pierre Augier, and died 22 May 1888, leaving:

1c Charlotte Emily

2c Mabel Fanny Russell; married 22 Oct 1904 Lt-Col Edwin Harold Brown, MD, MRCP, IMS

3c Ida Caroline

6b Edward Millet; born 6 Oct 1843; Lt-Col ISC; married 1st 1871 Eva Rebecca, daughter of John Taylor, and had:

1c Edward Ernest, DSO (1919); born 16 Jan 1875; Lt-Col IA; died 26 March 1922

1c Fanny Louisa

2c Lilian Julia

3c Eva Maria; died unmarried 8 April 1953

6b (cont.) Col Edward Forbes married 2nd 5 June 1901 Juliet Amy, daughter of Herbert John Reynolds, CSI, and died 25 Sept 1905

7b Arthur St Quintin; born 16 March 1846; married 15 Aug 1876 Alice Margaret, daughter of Rev J M Whitelaw of Athelstances, LLD, Drem, NB, and had:

1c Bertie St John Ochoncar; born 1882; married 1902 Margaret Smith (died 1946) and died 1953, leaving:

1d +Bertie St John Ochoncar; born 1918; Maj IA and Roy Scots WW II; married 1942 •Anne More Crozer, and has:

1e +Graham Richard; born 1946; married 1971 •Anne Catherine Haigh, of Edinburgh, and has:

1f +Callum Richard; born 1972

1e •Gillian Margaret; born 1951

1c Alice Margaret Whitelaw; born 1906; married 1929 Robert Gray Pottinger (died 1933), and had:

1d •Ronald Forbes; born 1933; MB and ChB Edinburgh 1959; married 1960 •Marija Ozanic, and has:

1e •David Forbes; born 1964

8b William Law Hodges; born 28 March 1848; married 30 Nov 1874 Ella Martha, daughter of Sylvanus Gaylord, and had:

1c David Law Hodges; born 27 Jan 1881; mining engr (ret 1954); educated Toronto U (MED Eng); married 17 Sept 1913 Helen Winifred Downey and died without issue

1c Frances Emily; born 20 Sep 1876; died unmarried 13 Aug 1959

1b Fanny Caroline; married 16 Nov 1854 Alexander Elliott Russell, Bengal CS, and died 1 May 1879, leaving issue

2b Helen Isabella; married 16 Nov 1854 George Louis Martin

1a Caroline Elizabeth; married 16 Nov 1818 George Fairholme, and died 14 April 1865, leaving issue. He died 19 Nov 1846

2a Charlotte Elizabeth; married 15 Sep 1825 Sir John Forbes of Craigievar, 6th Bt (qv), and died 5 Nov 1883 aged 82

3a Mary Stuart; married 28 Aug 1839 Charles Benjamin Lee Mainwaring, of The Abbey, Knaresborough, and died 2 Feb 1897, leaving issue. He died 10 Jan 1874

4a Isabella Drummond; married 28 Aug 1839 Baron Ernest de Poeinitz, and died 9 Jan 1897, leaving issue

The 18th LORD's eldest surviving son,

WALTER FORBES, 18th Lord Forbes; born 29 May 1798; served Coldstream Gds Waterloo; married 1st 31 Jan 1825 Horatia (died 24 Dec 1862), 7th daughter of Sir John Gregory Shaw, 5th Bt, of Eltham, and died 2 May 1868, having had, with other issue:

1a HORACE COURTENAY GAMMELL FORBES, 19th Lord Forbes, DL Aberdeenshire; born 24 Feb 1823; educated Oriel College Oxford (BA 1849, MA 1851); rep S peer 1874–1906; died unmarried 23 June 1914

2a Charles Murray Hay, of Brux, Aberdeenshire; born 13 March 1830; Offr 95th Foot; married 17 July 1860 Caroline Louisa Elizabeth (died 30 March 1901), 3rd daughter of Lt-Col Hon George Spencer (see CHURCHILL, V), and died without issue 17 May 1874

3a ATHOLL MONSON, 20th Lord

The 18th Lord Forbes married 2nd 4 April 1864 Louisa (died 26 Jan 1921), 2nd daughter of James Ormond, and by her had:

4a Walter Robert Drummond, JP Aberdeenshire; born 14 May 1865; Capt Gordon Hldrs, GSO(3) 1914; married 13 Feb 1888 Eveline Louisa Michell (died 18 April 1924), only daughter of Frederick Farwell, and died 25 March 1929, leaving:

1b (Victor) Courtenay Walter (Sir), KCMG (1945); born 29 Jan 1889; Envoy Extrdy and Min Plen Peru and Ecuador 1933–44, Amb Extrdy and Plen Peru 1944–45, ret Dec 1945; married 1st 22 July 1916 (divorce 1949) Luisa, daughter of Hon Sir Henry Hubert Juta, and had:

1c •Sara Elizabeth Ninita; born 4 May 1917; married 1938 Hugh Gyle-Thompson (died 1972), and has:

1d •David Courtenay Gladstone; born 25 Sept 1943; educated Charterhouse and Ch Ch Oxford (BA); married 9 May 1970 •Penelope Fearnly, of Devizes, and has:

1e •Camilla Kate; born 1974

1d •Donita Helen Elizabeth; born 15 Sept 1939; SRN; married 16 Oct 1965 •George Oliver Papps, of NJ, USA, and has:

1e •Gillian Sara; born 11 Jan 1967

2e •Luisa Elizabeth; born 1970

2d •Sara Anne Robina; born 3 July 1941; BSc; married 1969 •Christopher Watson, and has:

1e •Timothy Hugh James; born 1970

2e •Angus Christopher Hugo; born 1972

1b (cont.) Sir Courtenay Forbes married 2nd 16 March 1950 •Mary Lloyd, daughter of Francis George Olivieri and widow of Walter Carter Bizley, and died 26 Jan 1958

5a Montagu Ormond; born 5 May 1866; married 21 April 1894 Helen (died 12 Jan 1937), daughter of William Henry Campbell, and died 9 Oct 1938, leaving:

1b (Courtenay) Fergus Ochoncar Grey; born 7 Oct 1898; Col Coldstream Gds WW I, N Russia and Mesopotamia 1919–21, WW II as Dep Provost Marshal London District 1944–46; married 1st 7 July 1924 (divorce 1929) Gundrede Mary, younger daughter of Capt Graham Owen Robert Wynne (see KILLANIN, B), and had:

1c +(Fergus) Patrick; born 7 July 1925; married 1st 6 Feb 1950 (divorce) Margaret Elizabeth, daughter of John Percy Wayte, of Bloxham, Oxon, and has:

1d +Christopher Michael Fergus; born 24 Dec 1955

1d •Grania Helen; born 5 Aug 1950

2d •(Moira) Isobel; born 29 Jan 1957; married 19– •William Underhill, s of His Hon Judge (Michael) Underhill and Mrs William Beaumont, of Richmond, Surrey, and has two daughters (born 1992 and 1994)

1c (cont.) Patrick Forbes married 2nd 1967 •Jeannette, daughter of Jeanette Fendryk, of Baltimore, Md., and by her has a son (born 1974)

1b (cont.) (Courtenay) Fergus Forbes married 2nd 21 Oct 1929 Mary Shelagh (died 15 Feb 1932), daughter of Col Arthur Llewllyn, Somerset LI, of Wribbenhall, Worcs; married 3rd 31 Dec 1932 (divorce 1954) Dorothea Garnier (died 1997), 2nd daughter of His Hon Henry Staveley-Hill, TD, JP, DL, of Oulton House, Norbury, Staffs, and by her had:

2c +(John) Alistair Ponsonby [Alistair Forbes Esq, All Saints House, nr Axminster, Devon EX13 7LR]; born 22 April 1937; educated Eton; late Capt Coldstream Gds; married 2 April 1965 •Mary Dorothea, only daughter of Sir William Macnamara Goodenough, 1st Bt (qv), and has:

1d +James William Courtenay; born 29 July 1970; educated Eton; Capt Roy Scots Dragoon Gds (ret); married 27 July 2002 •Dorinda Mary, daughter of Michael Wolfe Murray (see MURRAY OF BLACKBARONY, Bt)

1d •Sophie Louisa Dorothea; born 16 Jan 1968; educated St Mary's Sch Wantage

1b (cont.) (Courtenay) Fergus Forbes married 4th 12 Nov 1954 •Emilie Frances, daughter of Mrs Edward Brooks (died 1981), of New York, and widow of 5th Baron Monteagle of Brandon (qv), and died 1971

The 19th LORD's brother,

ATHOLL MONSON FORBES, 20th Lord Forbes, JP, DL Aberdeenshire; born 15 Feb 1841; married 19 Sept 1876 Margaret Alice (died 6 Feb 1943), youngest daughter of Sir William Dick-Cunyngham, 8th Bt (see 1940 edn), and died 31 Jan 1916, having had:


2a Ivan Courtenay; born 11 Dec 1883; died unmarried 21 June 1907

1a Marjory Winifred; born 18 Oct 1879; married 24 June 1913 Capt Hugh Edward Walker (see WALKER, Bt, of Sand Hutton), and died 14 Sept 1945, leaving issue

The 20th LORD's only surviving son,

ATHOLL LAURENCE CUNYNGHAM FORBES, 21st Lord Forbes, JP, DL Aberdeenshire; born 14 Sept 1882; memb Aberdeenshire TAA, Maj Gren Gds WW I, DAAG 1916, rep S peer 1917–24; married 12 Oct 1914 Lady Mabel Anson (died 21 March 1972), 2nd daughter of 3rd Earl of Lichfield (qv), and died 26 Nov 1953, having had:

1a NIGEL IVAN FORBES, 22nd and present Lord Forbes

2a Malcolm Atholl; born 9 Dec 1928; died 6 March 1929


Peerage 200771

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